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Watercolor Therapy

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Since I retired this year (2018), I've been planning to do the things I love. Not that I didn't like my previous job. In fact, I also love being a Health, Environment, and Safety Professional. I helped save lives, protect the environment, and prevent people from getting hurt or getting sick. Yet there is that right brain of mine that urges me to pursue water coloring... And make cards out from scratch. So it happened! I took two separate afternoon sessions of water coloring and gouache painting classes by the talented Beth Robles of @playcraftsph

Here are some water color cards I made the past few months. I find the process very therapeutic. I am caring for my 91 year old Mom who has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Water coloring soothes my weary mind and body during sleepless nights of easing my Mom's COPD attacks, pre-dementia episodes, or simply ensuring she gets enough sleep. While the cards I make give smile or joy to others whenever I give it away. How art heals!

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