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Stenciling Distress Oxides on Glossy Photo Paper

Here are cards I made by stenciling distress oxide inks on glossy photo paper. I used stencil brushes or dabbing brushes. Stencils are from @simonsaysstamp and @altenewllc . I was able to get smooth yet bright colors consistently. I have a video here sharing with you how I did this technique. Things to note:

1. I dabbed the ink on the paper repeatedly using a stencil brush to achieve smooth coloring and blending.

2. Since I have a limited number of stencil brushes, I cleaned it before using a new color. I slightly spray it with water and swipe it on a dry paper napkin.

3. Drying time is around 20 min to make sure the inks don't bleed when applying wet wipes.

I will have another blog on drying time and bleeding by swatching the distress oxides on glossy paper after applying wet wipes.

I hope you get inspired!

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