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My Copic Craving

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

I consider myself a self-taught crafter (but aren't most of us?). I love coloring too. I remember, my Dad bought me tons of coloring books and crayolas when I was a young girl. I just love to color!

Fast forward after several decades - I discovered copic markers while viewing many card making videos in youtube. I was fascinated how these markers smoothly blend on paper and how artists can make flat images look alive. Paper is very affordable, but the markers are quite pricey! It took me time to make the plunge. Buying these markers is an investment. So I have to be sure I will enjoy using it. I bought a "starter pack" choosing around 10 or 12 colors at a bookstore in Jakarta (I discovered my love for paper crafting when I was working there). It was also around that time when Sandy Allnock, an artist and paper crafter based in the US, offered an online class called "Copic Jumpstart". I joined her class and learned more. When I toured Tokyo in 2016, I bought more markers at a store called "Tools". I'm just happy I bought them when I still had a job! (LOL)

Here are some cards I colored using copic. I also added a photo of Disneyland...I mean "Tools" store in Shinjuku in case you plan to hoard art supplies while in Tokyo.

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