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Making Poinsettias from paper napkins

Sharing with you how I use paper napkin backings that are usually leftovers whenever I make napkin cards. For purposes of this demo, I removed the backing sheets from napkins I plan to mass produce as holiday presents for my friends. I hope you get some inspiration from my post. It is so fun whenever I am able to use supplies in my stash, and inexpensive papers to make beautiful flowers!😊❤💐

Some important notes:

1. I slightly spritz with water the backing sheets before the final fold to serve as binder. I do not saturate it with too much water to retain a certain fluffiness and softness.

2. I use Kuretake Gansai Tambi (KGT) watercolors because they are vibrant, quick to blend, and easily moves in the pressed napkin. I also tried Distress Reinkers and Koi watercolors (because I have them in my stash), but it did not give the same result. You may want to play with other watercolors you may have to see if it works for you.

Here are the KGT watercolor numbers I used in the video.

For the petals - #32, #31, #36

For the leaves - #52, #53

3. I dab the watercolor onto the paper. This is to saturate the paper with color without damaging it. Dabbing, compared to brushing, gives you bright colors. You may consider brushing if you want subtle coloring.

4. My drying time is one hour to be sure the paper is strong enough to handle pressure when you use the stylus.

5. Use a medium ball stylus to shape the petals by making small circling motions. Use a smaller stylus for the smaller petals.

6. I splatter gold acrylic spray paint on the petals. I use Marabu art spray. Try any gold paint or pigment ink in your stash for a vibrant splash.

7. Use embellishments in your stash for the center of the flowers. I happen to use amber acrylic rhinestones. My adhesive is Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

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