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DIY Face Shield in the Time of COVID 19

As our government eases community quarantine restrictions, more people are going out. Although it is mandatory to wear face mask, I thought of making a face shield for additional protection whenever I go out to buy essential items. Using my current craft supplies, here's a tutorial for those who would like to make their own too.


- Craft foam, 2 sheets, 2cm thick, 21cm x30cm

- Acetate, 1 sheet

- "Velcro" tape, 2cm width

- Double-sided adhesive tape, 3.5cm width

- Ruler, Scissors, Pen

1. Using your adhesive tape roll, form round edges on two adjacent horizontal corners of the acetate sheet.

2. Cut these two corners to round the edges.

3. Measure and cut seven (7) pcs of 3.5 cm wide strips of craft foam.

4. Adhere double-sided adhesive tape on one strip.

5. Adhere a second strip on the sticky side while slightly curving the foam. This is the portion that will be touching your forehead.

6. Continue repeating this process until you have 6 strips adhered together.

7. Adhere half the width of the double-sided adhesive tape on the convex side of the curved strip.

8. Place the acetate sheet on the sticky side as shown in the photo.

9. Once the acetate is firmly in place, adhere another tape on top of the acetate. This time the full size of the tape must be used to ensure the entire surface of the strip is covered with adhesive.

10. Cut two pieces of 20 cm long "velcro" tape.

11. Place about 1.5 cm of the "velcro" tape on both ends of the sticky side of the craft foam strip with the acetate sheet.

12. Apply adhesive strips to cover the "velcro" tape on both sides of the craft foam strip. Expose the sticky side of the adhesive tape over the "velcro" tape as well as the entire craft foam strip.