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I've been crafting forever as a hobby.  Although my professional journey led me to a technical discipline (I'm a retired Chemist and a Health, Environment & Safety Professional), crafting has always been my passion.


I discovered my love for handmade items as a child watching my mother sew clothes.  I made my own hair accessories when I was in grade school.  This love for handmade items grew more when I became a young adult.  I wanted to decorate my own Christmas tree but was tight on my budget.  I went to Divisoria, a big wholesale-market in Manila, and bought my raw materials - fabrics, tulle, laces, satin flowers, beads, sequins, and more!  I also bought my first glue gun.  I enjoyed the process!  This inspired me to create more and explore other crafts - sewing clothes, hair accessories, cross stitch, basket dressing, flower arrangement, beaded jewelries, and paper craft.   

I discovered my love for paper crafting and card making when I was assigned by my former employer to work in our Indonesia operations in 2013.  I met Leah, a Filipina teacher who eventually became a good friend.  She introduced me to paper craft and the rest, as they say, is history.

This site is my creative space to make things that bring happy thoughts and show caring hearts.  It is a space where I can express and share my passion for crafting, especially making handmade cards.  I hope you will find joy, inspiration, and helpful crafting tips here.  Welcome to my site!

Tel: +639228967342

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